Baby Wound Dressing (Baby Bandage)Baby wound dressing, band-aid, waterproof bandage

Baby Wound Dressing (Bandage)

Item No.: KT1010-U
Ethylene oxide sterilization. Guard the baby's belly button
Baby wound dressing, band-aid, waterproof bandage
Product name      Baby wound dressing, band-aid, waterproof bandage
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou,China
Material PU waterproof membrane, non-woven absorbent pad, isolation release paper
Specification 10 pieces/pack
CTN 150 boxes/carton
6.88 KG

[Four layers of protection]
①Back sticker:Tear off before encountering water
②Waterproof layer: Close to the skin, effectively waterproof
③Paste: Reduce bacterial growth
④Release paper:Tear off before pasting


Suitable for sensitive skin. Easy to remove after use, and no glue marks remain

[Quality assurance]

Disinfected with ethylene oxide. Effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, more effective than ultraviolet disinfection. Through GQT and other tests, product safety is guaranteed

[Individual package]

Each piece is individually packaged to prevent secondary pollution. Reduce waste

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