Baby cotton gauze bath towel,Baby Care Product

Baby cotton gauze bath towel

Item No.: KYJ1001-D

Quick Details

Product name      Milk Double Seal Storage Bag
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou,China
Material Non-woven fabric, absorbent paper, PE waterproof membrane, release paper
Specification 1 pieces/pack
CTN 20 bags/carton

[100% Cotton]

Using 40S cotton encryption gauze, it is very soft and cares for baby's delicate skin

[Bumpy bubble structure]

Increase water absorption, absorb water more quickly

[Cross airbag bulging process]
Adopt cross airbag bulging process, feels fluffy and soft. It not only increases the water absorption area, making the water
absorption better, but also increases the air contact area, and quickly absorbs moisture and sweat.

[Quality assurance]

Passed GTT quality inspection, in line with Class A infant and child testing standards. Safe printing and dyeing, environmental protection and health, free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other carcinogens. Don't worry if your baby bites. (Security category: GB 31701)


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