Baby Nasal Aspirator Design For Children Nose Cleaning

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Item No.: KXB2001
Patent design Baby Nasal Aspirator
A baby nasal aspirator is a device used to suction out mucus from a baby's nose. It is very helpful for relieving nasal congestion in infants. As babies cannot blow their nose, a nasal aspirator allows parents and careg


Product name      Baby nasal aspirator
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou, China
Material Food Grade Silicone
Specification 1 piece/pack
CTN 72 boxes/carton
10.056 KG

[U-shaped design]
U-shaped design silicone soft head. No need to go deep into the baby's nasal cavity, you can quickly suck the snot, reducing the baby's discomfort

[Tail backflow prevention design]
The snot that was sucked out will enter the collection bottle, will not flow into the baby's nasal cavity, nor will it be sucked into the mouth by the mother.

[Mouth suction design]
The soft silicone nozzle is convenient for mother to directly control the suction strength. Don't worry about hurting your baby's nose

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