Baby Underpads 33*40cm,Baby Care Product

Baby Underpads 33*40cm

Item No.: KYD3440-U
Ethylene oxide sterilization  Super absorption

Quick Details

Product name      Milk Double Seal Storage Bag
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou,China
Material Non-woven fabric, absorbent paper, PE waterproof membrane, release paper
Specification 40 pieces/pack
CTN 12 bags/carton

[Stronger liquid absorption performance]
The surface adopts a diamond-shaped small grid design, which is beneficial to quickly divert the baby's urine. Soft non-woven fabric makes the product softer and more suitable for sensitive skin. The absorbent layer uses high-molecular water-absorbent resin material, which can absorb water quickly and prevent liquid from seeping back. The water-absorbing effect is increased by 30 times. A cast film is used at the bottom to prevent liquid leakage.

[Cotton soft non-woven surface]
Softer and more breathable, like lying in the clouds, suitable for sensitive skin

[Super Absorption]
30 times liquid fast absorption,keep baby's bottom dry


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