Disposable Breast Pads (3D Soft)

Item No.: KR4200-D
200 Pcs\Bag  Super absorption


Product name      Disposable Breast Pads (3D Soft)
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou, China
Material Fluff Pulp/Non-woven fabric/SAP/PE film
Specification 200 pieces/pack

[Only 1.8mm]
The breast pad is as thin as 1.8 mm. As light as 3g. Light like a cloud, making it easier for mothers to breastfeed
[4 U-lock water diversion system]
The three-dimensional arc makes the product fit the breast better. Achieve 360° all-round protection
[Breathable PE film]
Bidirectional breathable, effectively block breast milk and expel moisture, keep breasts fresh and not stuffy
[No fluorescent agent]
Strictly control every production link. Does not contain any impurities. Protect the health of mother and baby


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