Disposable Cotton Underwear,Maternal Care Product

Disposable Cotton Underwear

Item No.: KK8304-U
100% cotton

Quick Details

Product name      Maternity Pads M 
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou,China
Material Macromolecule\Non Woven fabric\Native fluff pulp
Specification 10 pieces/pack
CTN 35 packs/carton
Size Prenatal weight Postpartum waist Purchase advice
XL ≤55kg 61-94cm Postpartum lochia generally lasts 21 days, and a woman needs 1-3 pills per day.
XXL 50kg-70kg 73-102cm
XXXL 70kg-80kg 79-110cm

【100% cotto】
Natural selection of materials to protect private parts and avoid postpartum infection, soft and skin-friendly

【Three-dimensional tailor】
Improve comfort during actions, fit but not constrained, easy to fit


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