Disposable Maternal Toothbrush,Maternal Care Product

Disposable Maternal Toothbrush

Item No.: KYS1030-U
Toothpaste and toothbrush combo

Quick Details

Product name              Disposable Postpartum Toothbrush
Specification 30 Pieces/Box
Material Gauze Cotton/ Bamboo handle
Ingredient Menthol\Deep sea salt\Xylitol\Vitamin C
Disinfection method Ethylene Oxide(EO)
CTN. 60 boxes(carton)

[3D wave brush head]
The double wavy brush head surface fits softly to the tooth bed, increases the cleaning contact surface, gently massages the gums, and effectively cleans the tartar

[Soft gauze material]
The use of environmentally friendly cotton gauze and skin-friendly cotton fibers provides a fluffy and soft touch to care for the weak gums of pregnant women. Will not hurt the gums, care for the weak gums of pregnant women

[Bamboo handle]
Environmentally friendly bamboo handle, easy to hold, not easy to take off, and not easy to breed bacteria

[Natural tooth protection formula]
Adopting special postpartum multi-effect tooth care formula (menthol, deep sea salt, xylitol and vitamin C), effective to prevent moth, strengthen gums, mild and comfortable, keep the mouth fresh

[Individual package]
Independent packaging, one-time use design, optimize the traditional brushing steps, more worry-free after postpartum

[Mint flavor]
Does not contain harmful substances such as pigments, toxic fungicides and fluorine. Rest assured


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