Kaili Wholesale Disposable Underpads Super Absorbent Incontinence Bed Pads for Kids, Adults, Elderly, Pets Perfect for Bedding Protection

Disposable Underpads 600*900mm

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Product name             Disposable Underpads / Bed Pads/ Chux Pads /Pet Pads/ Puppy Training Pads
Material Fluff Pulp/ Non woven fabric/ SAP Polymer/ PE film
Brand Kaili / OEM
Feature Super-absorbent
Size 60*60/ 60*90 cm/ Customization
Specification 5-10-25 PCS/ Pack
Certification ISO 13485\ISO 9001\ CE

*GMP workshop production, EO sterilization
*Non-woven fabric surface,soft & breathable.
*SAP polymer.High suction volume, easy to lock liquid
*ISO 13485 & CE certification

Incontinence pad,  bed pad, pee padpuppy training pad, waterproof diaper changing pad, urine pads, chux pad

[EO Disinfection]
Automated EO sterilization equipment can effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, reaching the
disinfection level, and more effective than ultraviolet disinfection.

[Diamond shunt design]
Net-like texture structure, effective moisture absorption Dry and not stuffy

[SAP Polymer]
High suction volume, easy to lock liquid

[PE Breathable film]
Breathable, waterproof, and dirt-resistant to prevent cross-infection

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