Disposable Underwear,Daily Care Product

Disposable Underwear

Item No.: KK1006
Double cotton crotch  Economical & Convenient

Quick Details

Product Name     Disposable Panties
Place of origin Guangzhou, China
Specification 6 PCS /Bags
Time of Use Prenatal, postpartum, physiological period, travel period
Material Non-woven fabric/Cotton/Rubber band
Size XL(Waist circumference 89 cm or more /Hips 110-120 cm)
CTN 160 bags/CTN
DIM 33cm×32cm×19cm
G.W. 10.88 Kg

[Breathable and not stuffy]

High-quality non-woven fabric is used to ensure that the fabric is breathable and not sultry. Dry all day

[Double-layer cotton crotch]

Double-layer cotton crotch, comfortable and not deformed Paste the sanitary napkin many times, the underwear is not easy to deform and break.

[Ultra elastic, not tight, comfortable]

Seven rubber bands are used to adjust the elasticity freely, and the abdomen is not stretched under the premise of ensuring fit.

[Individual package]

Reduce cross-contamination, safer and more convenient

[Delicate trousers without edging]

Smooth and precise line, just right cutting, free to walk without edging

[Ethylene oxide disinfection]

It can effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms at room temperature, which is more effective than ultraviolet disinfection


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