Kaili Medical Pospartum hospital underpads Gynecological examination bed pads disposable underpads

Gynecological examination use Medical underpads

Item No.: 3040302005
*GMP clean workshop production, ethylene oxide sterilization
*Vacuum packaging,avoid infection.
*Non-woven fabric surface,soft & breathable.
*PE Breathable film,waterproof and dirt-resistant
*ISO 13485 & CE certification

Quick Details

Product Name Maternity Underpads (Gynecological examination use)
Item No. 3040302005
Material Non-woven fabric surface\toilet paper\base film
Size 60*75cm
Specification 10 PCS/Pack
CTN. 42 Bags/Carton
CBM. 0.1042
Executive standard Guangdong Sui Machinery Equipment No. 20160130
Certification ISO 13485\ISO 9001\CE
Function Suitable for isolation and protection during medical institution inspection or home care

[Vacuum packaging]
Could reduce the oxygen content in the package so that microorganisms have no living conditions
[Soft & Breathable]
Soft non-woven surface,Instant liquid absorption without reverse osmosis
[PE Breathable film]
Breathable, waterproof and dirt-resistant to prevent cross-infection
[EO Disinfection]
Automated EO sterilization equipment can effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, reaching the disinfection level, and more effective than ultraviolet disinfection


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