Kaili Maternity Pads Sanitary Napkins For Parturients Are Specially Developed And Produced For Parturients

Maternity pads M

Item No.: KC1012-U
Use within 7-30 days after childbirth

Quick Details

Product name      Maternity Pads M 
Brand Kaili
Place in origin Guangzhou,China
Material Macromolecule\Non Woven fabric\Native fluff pulp
Specification 12 pieces/pack
CTN 60 packs/carton


[Patented design]

Patented design makes it easier to put on and take off, does not touch the wound and reduces pain.
Patent No: ZL 2015 2 0256501.6

[High-quality raw materials]

North American softwood native fluff pulp without impurities. Reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

[Stronger water absorption performance]

The macromolecule material absorbs about 30 times the weight of the mat itself. (about 800ml). No reverse osmosis, equipped with a breathable bottom PE film, no water leakage. Keep your genitals dry and comfortable without worrying about lochia

[Safer product]

It has GMP clean environment production workshop and has automatic ethylene oxide sterilization equipment. Independent hygienic packaging, the product has no migratable fluorescent agent. Safer to use

The size of the maternal sanitary napkin (M \ L \ XL) is selected according to different time periods after childbirth, and according to the change in the amount of postpartum lochia for women, we recommend that you buy according to the following table.

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