Kaili Disposable Postpartum Pants With Pad For Moms After Give Child birth

Maternity panty with pads

Item No.: KC3003-U
Patented design.Not afraid of lochia


Product Name :        Disposable postpartum Pants
Item No.: KC3003-U
Material Non-woven fabric / Polymer absorbent resin / Absorbent paper / Breathable PE film
Package: 3 pieces/box
Usage time: within one week after childbirth
Specifications 36 boxes/carton
Applicable people Puerperal / menstrual women

[High-quality non-woven fabric surface]
Using American WEYERHAEUSER fluff pulp to ensure that our products are skin-friendly and comfortable

[520 mm huge absorbent core]
When you are menstruating, you only need to wear this product, and you can turn it at night without worrying about leakage of menstrual blood. The absorption performance is very good

[Super absorption]

Adopt high-molecular absorbing material to absorb water quickly, and the liquid will not
seep back

[Patented product design]

Better fit effect.Increase 20 mm to protect uterus, which is more suitable for mothers who give birth by cesarean section
Patent No: ZL 2015 2 0247217.2

[About quality]
We regard product safety as the most important part of the product, which is produced using GMP aseptic production technology and has been tested by many authoritative organizations. Product safety and quality are guaranteed, distinguishing low-priced and inferior products on the market

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