Maternity underpads,Maternal Care Product

Maternity underpads

Item No.: KD6906-U
60*90cm Ethylene oxide sterilization

Quick Details

Product Maternity underpad
Brand Kaili
Place of origin Guangzhou,China
Product specifications: 600mm * 900mm 
Packing specification 10 pieces / pack, 16 packs / carton
Material Non-woven fabric/Water-absorbing polymer/Native plush paddle/PE film
[Adopting American Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp]
Carefully selected native American coniferous wood pulp, fine silk

[Efficient absorbent core design]

Efficient absorbent core design Adopting non-woven fabric, water-absorbing polymer, native plush paddle and PE waterproof bottom film

[Diamond diversion design]

Quickly shunt to prevent effusion and keep dry overnight.

[Waterproof printing cast film]

Effectively prevent liquid leakage and prevent bedding contamination due to liquid leakage.

[Ethylene oxide disinfection]

It can effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms at room temperature, which is more effective than ultraviolet disinfection


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