Medical Face mask Children used,Medical Product

Medical Face mask Children used

Item No.: KKZ4050
CE certification  BFE≥98%

Quick Details

Size                             14.5cm*9.5cm
Certification ISO 13485/ISO 9001/CE
BFE ≥98%
Material Non-woven fabric 54% Melt-blown fabric 26%
polyamide fibre 9% Polyurethane Fivre 2%
Polypropylene fibre 4% Galvanized Iron 5%
Executive standard EN 14683:2019 Standard

* The product has passed ISO13485 and CE certification. The quality is safe and reliable.
* Multi-material efficient filtering, using a three-layer composite structure, can effectively block saliva, while minimizing the internal pressure of the mask generated during breathing, making breathing smoother.
* Using high-quality non-woven fabric, it has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic and non-irritating, providing a comfortable wearing experience.
* Bacterial filtration efficiency reaches 98% (Type II) microbial cleanliness ≤30 (cfu/g), differential pressure <40 (Pa/cm²), better protection effect


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