Medical Iodophor Cotton Swab,Medical Product

Medical Iodophor Cotton Swab

Item No.: KDQ1036
Combination of iodophor cotton swabs

Quick Details

Product name                     Iodine Disinfectant(Swab)
Shelf life 2 Years
Specification 0.15ml/piece 36PCS/Box
Main active ingredients Povidone iodine, effective iodine content is 4 ~ 7g
Scope of application: suitable for skin disinfection before injection and infusion in human body; skin disinfection of neonatal umbilical cord;
disinfection of small skin wounds
CTN 60 Boxes

[Newborn umbilical cord disinfection]
After the newborn is born, the umbilical cord after being cut needs to be well protected and disinfected. The combination of iodine cotton swabs can quickly solve the problem of belly button disinfection.
[High-quality absorbent cotton]
High-quality absorbent cotton, soft and elastic to the touch, non-irritating to the skin


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