Kaili Medical Meterning Postpartum Pads Maternity pads With Spring scale

Medical Meterning Postpartum Pads #3

Item No.: 3040101008
*GMP Workshop , EO Sterilization
*Patented design.Accurately measure the 24-hour blood loss of the parturient.

*Excellent macromolecule,stronger water absorption performance.
*Individually packaged to better isolate bac

Quick Details

Product name  Medical Meterning Postpartum Pads #3
Item No 3040101008
Material Non-woven fabric\ Macromloecule \fluff pulp\PE film\Measuring spring scale
Specification 1 Piece /Bag
CTN. 180 Bags
CBM. 0.1562

[Ultra soft]

Native fluff pulp without impurities. Reduce the chance of bacterial infection

[Patented design]

It is fixed on the front and back of the sanitary napkin with elastic bands respectively, forming a pants-type structure that can be worn comfortably in any body shape, without the need to wear underwear

[Stronger water absorption performance]

The macromolecule material absorbs about 20 times the weight of the mat itself. No reverse osmosis, equipped with a breathable bottom film, no water leakage. Keep your genitals dry and comfortable without worrying about lochia

[Individual package]

Individually packaged to better isolate bacteria. Make the product more hygienic
[Safer product]
It has GMP clean environment production workshop and has automatic ethylene oxide sterilization equipment. Independent hygienic packaging, the product has no migratable fluorescent agent. Safer to use


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