Multifunctional Belly Band,Postpartum care

Multifunctional Belly Band

Item No.: KDF001(011)
Pelvic recovery & postpartum abdomen & waist support

Quick details

Product Name Postpartum Multifunctional Belly Band
Number KDF001
Function Pelvic recovery/ postpartum abdomen/ waist protection
Material Nylon\cotton\polyester fiber\viscose fiber\diene elastic fiber
Specification 1 piece/box 24 boxes a CTN.
Postpartum Waist  73cm-95cm
Prenatal Weight 90 Catty-160 Catty
Postpartum Weight 100 Catty-150 Catty
  The Belly Band can be adjusted for elasticity and tension. It should not be too tight at the beginning of use. The elasticity
can be adjusted according to the recovery situation. For details, please refer to the instruction manual in the package.
①Belly band:Strengthen abdomen, Support internal organs
②Pelvic Recovery Belt:Tighten your pelvis , Lift your hips
③Protection Belt:Decompression waist support, Powerful shaping

The mother can adjust the length of the abdominal band according to the postpartum time to better recover.

[Relieve postpartum low back pain]
There are two reinforced support bars on the back, which can prevent slipping and anti-rolling, and relieve back pressure. At the same time, the back is widened to better wrap the fat.

[Health and safety]
No Smell,No Formaldehyde,No Fluorescent,Post-natal Mom can use with confidence.



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