Postpartum bamboo tissue,Maternal Care Product

Postpartum bamboo tissue

Item No.: KBS1002-U
Bacteriostatic bamboo fiber, no bleaching

Quick Details

Product name
Item No.
Bamboo fiber natural color paper
Main ingredients Natural bamboo paddle
Product size 276mm * 115mm (6 layers)
Specifications 2 rolls /Pack
Weight 325g (roll)


[Bamboo fiber extraction]
Using the original bamboo pulp as the material, without adding fluorescent agent, the original ecological processing treatment, retaining the original color of the bamboo fiber makes the product safer

6-layer laminating embossing, strong absorption, more flexible

[Toughness and no chipping]
8-Adopt flexible proportion formula and multi-layer three-dimensional water absorption technology to ensure that the toughness of the paper remains unchanged after water absorption, and there is no dust and no chips


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