Postpartum Tissue Paper,Postpartum Care Product

Postpartum Tissue Paper

Item No.: KBS2100-U
Double-sided texture

Quick Details

Product Maternal Tissue Paper(Vacuum packaging)
Item No. KBS2001-U
Material Virgin Wood Pulp
Specification 250g / Bag 4 Bags/Pack
CTN. 20 Bags
G.W. 21.5
CBM. 0.107996

[Plus size]
60cm*34cm Super large size. Adopt a fabric printed surface layer. Better water absorption

[Premium native wood pulp]
The perfect combination of long and short fiber ratio makes the product more delicate and skin-friendly. Repeated rubbing will not drop paper scraps

[Vacuum packaging]
Could reduce the oxygen content in the package so that microorganisms have no living conditions

[Super Toughness]
This product has super toughness. It is not easy to break when wet. Easily cope with periods of high lochia

[High density water absorption]
By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, the effect of rapid absorption, ventilation and moisture removal is achieved


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