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How to prepare for childbirth

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Update time : 2020-12-24 17:18:02

How to prepare for childbirth


1)Learn Lamaze Breathing in advance

    Lamaze Breathing is a method recommended by many obstetricians. The main principle is to reduce the pain and stabilize the mood by shifting the mother’s attention from pain to control of her breathing, which is conducive to dilation of the uterine mouth and shortens the birth process.
    Pregnant mothers can start practicing from the 7th month of pregnancy under the guidance of medical staff.
The detailed operation is shown in the figure below:


2)Understanding the operation of breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is a special bond that connects the relationship between mother and baby. Adhering to breast-milk substitution can not only enable the baby to get the most nutritious food but also enhance the mother-child relationship. For every new mother, mastering good breastfeeding posture and feeding skills can save a lot of trouble.

3)Arrange the safe and comfortable baby room

    Arranging a comfortable and safe sleeping and living space is a good first gift for your baby
    The ideal room temperature should be kept at 25~28℃, with sufficient light, good ventilation, and humidity at 50%~60%. If the air is too dry, it is easy for the baby to have an infection by respiratory mucosal.
    Put some simple and colorful pictures on the wall, and hang some colorful and audible toys to help train vision and hearing, which helps the baby's brain development.


4)Arrange the safe and comfortable baby room

    Where are you going to give birth? This is a question that many pregnant mothers will consider.
    First of all, pregnant mothers and their families should determine the hospital first. A safe and secure hospital is our first choice. Second, we must choose a doctor. Finally, discuss the delivery method with the doctor. It is recommended that you write down your own production plan. The content on the same page can also include your physical condition, medication preference, and other points that need attention.


5)Ready for the hospital bag

   From the 7th month of pregnancy, you can start preparing the supplies you need during the postpartum period. Make sure that all the necessary items before childbirth are in place.
   Because there are so many things to prepare, mothers can buy a matching hospital bag, and then add the required items according to the situation. Save time and effort
   How to choose a hospital bag?

6)Arrange the safe and comfortable baby room

    Remember to wash the swaddles, crib sheets, blankets, and any other items that will touch the skin before the baby wears them. At least one week’s worth of baby’s clothes should be prepared, and items should be washed separately with a mild, baby-friendly detergent.

    The process of expecting childbirth is a laborious process, but it is also a very fulfilling thing to conceive a new life. During the period of childbirth, pregnant mothers adjust their mentality, actively prepare, and welcome the cute baby with anticipation~

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