How To Use A Maternity Pad?
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How To Use A Maternity Pad?

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Why Do Moms After Childbirth Need To Use Maternity Pads?

Congratulations, new moms! After the beautiful journey of childbirth, it’s important to take care of yourself and ensure a smooth recovery. One essential item that should be on every new mom’s list is maternity pads.

Why do you need to use maternity pads after childbirth? Well, let’s talk about lochia. Lochia is the vaginal discharge that occurs after giving birth. It consists of blood, tissue, and mucus from the lining of the uterus. This discharge can last for several weeks and is a natural part of the postpartum healing process.

Maternity pads are specifically designed to handle the heavy flow associated with lochia. They provide maximum absorbency and comfort during this time when your body is going through significant changes.

Using maternity pads not only helps you stay clean and dry but also prevents any potential infections or discomfort that may arise from using regular sanitary pads or tampons.

So, dear moms, make sure to stock up on maternity pads before your little bundle of joy arrives. Take care of yourself during this precious postpartum period – you deserve it!

How to use a maternity pad? Everything you need to know about maternity pads - China Underpad Manufacturer

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