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The mother from public health major teaches you how to pick a hospital bag for postpartum!

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Update time : 2020-12-24 18:17:05

The mother from public health major teaches you how to pick a hospital bag for postpartum!

  This article is a post shared by "Yuan Wei Jiang" on Momma.com, reprinted with her consent.

Hello, everyone. I studied medicine when I was in college. As a second-born mother, during the COIVD-19 period, I think it is necessary to remind everyone how to choose hygienic and safe products for delivery. Taking advantage of this holiday, I finally wrote so many words, hoping to relieve the anxiety of pregnant mothers under the gloom of COVID-19, let's cheer together!
Many people compare which product is "more" when choosing a hospital bag for maternal. But I think safety and hygiene are the most important, so when buying, I will look at whether the brand has the following qualifications——
1)Whether the manufacturer has the qualification for the production of Class II medical devices Or obtains the "Medical Device Operating Enterprise License"

    Medical devices can be divided into three categories. The first category can be directly operated; the second category requires filing with the Food & Drug Administration; the third category requires the approval of the Food & Drug Administration and obtains the "Medical Device Operating Enterprise License". Therefore, the brand safety and effectiveness of manufacturers with Class 2 qualifications or "Medical Device Operating Enterprise License" are more assured. Companies with medical device manufacturing qualifications have more advantages in raw materials, production, and disinfection of packages to be produced.

2)GMP certification qualification

    GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. It requires pharmaceutical, food, and other manufacturing companies to have good production equipment, reasonable production processes, perfect quality management, and strict inspection systems to ensure the quality of the final product ( Including food safety and hygiene, etc.) comply with regulatory requirements. Therefore, products with GMP certification are safer.

3)Whether it is sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO sterilized)

    Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilant that can kill various microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Products sterilized by ethylene oxide are more hygienic and clean.
    Experts indicated that the epidemic may continue in 2021. As a parturient, the following things I think every parturient should prepare is a magic weapon for health protection for themselves and their babies~

3)Whether it is sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO sterilized)

    Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilant that can kill various microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Products sterilized by ethylene oxide are more hygienic and clean.

Intimate TIPS
*Face Mask
    During pregnancy, regardless of whether there is a COVID-19 epidemic, you must wear a mask when you go out to places with many people.
*Disposable toilet pad
    Toilets in hospitals and confinement centers are public. This can prevent cross-infection.
*Nursing underpads
    It can be used for admission, childbirth, and confinement, otherwise, the bed will be stained with blood and lochia, and if it is not replaced in time, it will breed a lot of bacteria.
*Cotton soft towel or face towel
    This kind of comparison can absorb water, prepare a few more packs, which can be dipped in 75% medical alcohol for disinfection.
*Metering Postpartum Pads
    Recommend! This blood meter can measure the amount of lochia and determine whether there is excessive bleeding, which is an important indicator of postpartum recovery. The pants-shaped design is very friendly to the cesarean section and won't strangle the wound.
*Maternity Pads
    Here comes the point~ Many people think that ordinary sanitary napkins are enough after delivery. wrong! During this special period of time, the perineum mouth is traumatized and the immunity is reduced. What are the consequences if only ordinary sanitary napkins are used?

    Here I want to give you a popular science about the classification of sanitary napkins. In addition to the day and night use that we all know, sanitary napkins are also divided into ordinary grade and disinfection grade. Sterilization-grade sanitary napkins are products that use efficient disinfection methods to kill pathogenic microorganisms. The identification method is to mark the sanitary napkin packaging with the words "disinfection grade" and the disinfection method used.
    For example, all the Maternity Pads in Kaili's ready-to-manufacture package are sterilized products, and the outer packaging is marked with the words "sterilized".
    Take this hospital bag as an example, it needs to be disinfected twice: the raw materials are factory disinfected and the product is completely disinfected. The product disinfection is EO grade (the ethylene oxide sterilization I mentioned above), and it has third-party testing and certification. What is special about EO disinfection? Originally, most of the towels on the market are sterilized by ultraviolet rays, which cannot effectively inhibit bacteria and easily cause infection; while EO disinfection is a sterilization medical grade disinfection, which can effectively kill spores, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.                 Everyone knows that women who have just given birth are very weak and have low immunity. If the wound comes in contact with something that is not clean enough, it may cause infection. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that everyone choose EO disinfection grade Maternity pads!
    Another point is that many ordinary sanitary napkins will add flavors and fragrances! In order to avoid embarrassment during the menstrual period, many sanitary napkins will add odor-eliminating materials, such as flavors and fragrances. This is okay for ordinary menstruating women, but it is "fatal" for postpartum pregnant mothers! I just said that the amount of postpartum hemorrhage is an important indicator of postpartum recovery. In fact, the smell of lochia is also one of the key points of the doctor's examination. If we use scented sanitary napkins to cover the odor of lochia, we will not be able to detect whether inflammation occurs in the body, which will lead to serious consequences. Moreover, fragrances and fragrances will increase the risk of allergies, break the acid-base balance of the private parts, and are not good for postpartum recovery.
    This period is a time when the whole country is fighting the epidemic. Mothers-to-be have also worked harder. They have to worry about the situation of their family members and worry about the birth of their babies. I hope this advice can help mothers-to-be, and I hope it can give everyone a little encouragement~

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