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The 16th Anniversary Fun Games of Kaili & Jianlang ended perfectly

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Author : Jianlang
Update time : 2020-11-26 14:48:28

The 16th Anniversary Fun Games of Kaili & Jianlang ended perfectly

       On November 22, Kaili & Jianlang held a fun sports meeting with the theme of "16 years of hard work, maintain motivation and create the future". This is not only a grand gathering to celebrate the 16th anniversary of Kaili & Jianlang, but also a grand gathering to comprehensively review the achievements of the enterprise's spiritual civilization construction.
       Nearly 280 participants from 16 teams from Kaili & Jianlang participated in various competitions of the fun games, gathered together into a beautiful landscape with their enthusiasm for struggle, and used unremitting struggle to depict the beautiful blueprint of Kaili & Jianlang.

"Travel around the world"

"Through the minefield"

"Ball go miles"

"Nuclear warhead"

"Magic Paintbrush"

"Football superstar"

Achievement & future

        After a whole day of competition, everyone has achieved satisfactory results, and most importantly, harvested full of happiness!.


"Best member"

"CEO speech"

"Team Awards"

"November employee birthday party"

"November employee birthday party"

       Happy time is always fleeting. The 2020 Kaili & Jianlang 16th Anniversary Fun Games has come to a successful conclusion, but the hard work of all our Kaili & Jianlang employees is still in progress! As Zheng Jianhui, the executive director of Kaili&Jianlang said,  Kaili&Jianlang will be more exciting and brilliant in the next 16 years!

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